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Nathan Price is the general manager for Tour Truck Golf. Along with running day-to-day operations, he specializes in club fittings and lessons. Before coming to Tour Truck, Nathan was an assistant at Catawba Country Club and the first assistant golf pro at Bermuda Run Country Club. 

Out of a passion for helping people, Nathan initially went to Campbell University to pursue a nursing degree. During his studies, however, he changed his concentration to golf management, and that’s when he discovered his knack for helping people improve their golf game. He quickly realized that he excelled at tailoring golf clubs to an individual’s ability and style. Combined with his desire to help people, his attention to numbers, facts, and data has helped Nathan find his niche in club fitting. 

If Nathan is out of the shop, there’s a good chance that he is playing golf, watching football, hunting, or fishing in the Outer Banks!