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John Perrin is co-owner of Tour Truck Golf and primarily serves as the company’s secretary and treasurer, along with overseeing all club repairs. From 1996-2018, he worked as an assistant to Duke McClauchlin at Lake Hickory Country Club, where he gained ample experience in club repair, golf course management, merchandising, and many other aspects of running a country club. 

After his long tenure at LHCC, John redirected his career to D&H Marketing in Hickory, where he is now a food broker. In his mind, there has long been a need for a local golf shop that provides quality products and services to all local golfers, regardless of whether or not they are a member of a private club. John’s favorite part of running the company is meeting new people each day and fostering the existing relationships he has maintained for more than twenty years in the Hickory golf scene. 

When John is not working, you can bet he’s playing golf, watching football or baseball, hanging out with his family, or any combination of those! He and his wife, Stella, have three children: Luke, Abi, and Tess. Their English bulldog, Rambo, rounds out the family!