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Duke McLauchlin is co-owner of Tour Truck Golf and an accredited golf professional and life member of the Professional Golf Association (PGA). He was previously Director of Golf at Lake Hickory Country Club for twenty-five years. From 1996-2021, he was responsible for running the whole show, including managing the staff, marketing the golf course, teaching lessons, organizing tournaments, merchandising, and much more. 

Before his long-standing position at LHCC, Duke earned an accounting degree from Auburn University while working at the famed Grand National Course on the RTJ Golf Trail. He also worked as an assistant at Augusta Country Club for three years before becoming Head Golf Professional at Catawba Springs in 1998. 

In 2021, Duke made a career change and now works as a real estate broker. After decades in the golf business, he wore many hats, and co-founding Tour Truck Golf has allowed him to wear the hat he loves: merchandising. He thrives on every aspect of merchandising—from meeting with reps to choosing and selling products to fitting clubs. 

Duke and his wife, Jennifer, have three boys: Trent, Zak, and Ty. When he’s not working, Duke likes spending time with his family, playing golf, and going fishing.